Since designing roles and spaces for wellness in the workplace is the theme of this month’s newsletter, I thought to add a spotlight on PSFK‘s latest Labs Report which has hit the ground running (perhaps old news for many of you) since it’s release.  The Future of Work is a 138-page report that covers the new ways people are working and the implications for business and workers themselves.

As part of a series of in-depth analyses of trends driving key factors and subject matters–going over themes, reactions from executives, best in class manifestations of change at work, future workplace concepts and various recommendations along the way.  I highly recommend a sneak peak at their online slideshow:

Want to Help Build Shanghai’s Healthiest Office?
As a sideline to this month’s spotlight, I’d like to add my own mention for a workplace design I’m looking to co-create:  The office where you MOVE MORE THAN SIT.  Creating a workspace that allows for daily “movement snacks” (credit Frank Forenchich and MovNater Oki Alexander), meditation corners, walking meetings, entertaining stair climbs, chair races, afterwork yoga/pilates/taichi classes…you need it, we build around it.  With all the amenities that go along with a fully integrated lifestyle of health and sustainability (healthy food options, juice bar, good indoor air ventilation, non-toxic ergometric furniture), this is a place designed for how people should be moving throughout the day to allow them constant blood flow, sensory stimulation, interaction, moments of relaxation and playfulness.  All the right ingredients for today’s creative, high-performance worker.

We’re currently looking at making a prototype: so let us know if we can do that with your space.
If interested in helping to make this happen, please write!

Looking for:
* investors
* tenants
* designers
* suppliers