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How might we bring intermittent fasting and the body's natural ability to move between catabolic/anabolic states into traditional healthcare experience design?

The Leap Insurance

"Real change requires real shifts and one big leap of courage."

A one-year long programmed regimen and retreat concept that takes dedicated changers through periods of self-practice and three retreat setting programs to cycle onto the lifestyle of harnessing one’s catabolic/anabolic processes for longevity and health as a way to earn lower health insurance premiums.


  • Designed to truly change people — not act as a value-add marketing ploy, one-off healthy holiday, or fad diet.
  • Coaches participants through the science and steps towards prescriptive fasting/remineralizing metabolic boosts for optimal health.
  • Works on putting participants in safe episodes of intermittent fasting and then remineralizing the body to optimize absorption in the gut.
  • Each retreat is progressive, followed by in-between time where participants learn to relinquish an old habit and take on a new one. 
  • Sociability helps hold participants accountable to sustained change, creating a “class” of graduates who can support each other for life and they revert to this new lifestyle.  


  • Based on the science of autophagy (recently winning the Nobel Prize of Physiology and Medicine in 2016).
  • A team of expert health & wellness coaches facilitates the process along with a medically-approved and tested process that participants go through.
  • Successful graduates’ profiles are shared online as social proof of the process; also as peers that new participants can reach out to in order to enquire into personal insights. 
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