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How might we harness our sleep environments to non-invasively induce our body’s natural sleep cycles?

Poor sleep is often a result of the inability to self-regulate to temperature.

Roller Pillow

"Replacing the yoga mat as your most important health accessory."

A smart pillow that regulates your core body temperature to lull you into REM and deep sleep at the right times during the night.


  • This smart pillow technology comes with calibrating temperature sensing instructions to learn your natural core body temperature throughout the day and works to bring your body temp down to the right degree to signal your brain it’s time for sleep, telling the hypothalamus it’s time to produce melatonin. 
  • Shaped differently than other pillows, Roller comes in personalized sizes for your neck cradle to support healthy cervical curvature and train full body realignment. 
  • Too-hot of an environment can actually reduce the time spent in deep sleep and result in less sleep overall.  Roller monitors you all evening until automatic switch it on “off” in the morning.
  • Roller also calibrates to your wake up time and can act as a temperature-controlled alarm so you can slowly rise without being jarred by sound, waking up naturally by being lulled awake by temperature changes the way the body was designed to rise.  
  • Travel-friendly "roll-ability", this neck-cradling pillow assists in proper cervical spine support -- something difficult to achieve in the fluffy pillow norms of hotels or the horseshoe foam pillows for planes. 
  • Sleep specialists discovered that the best temperature for sleep is 15-19 degrees Celsius in adults (and 18-21 degrees Celcius for babies and toddlers).  Roller worked with sleep specialists to get you in the right range at different times of the night and seasons for your specific sleep cycles, so you don’t have to get up and adjust the temperature.
  • A liquid filled core and sensor-monitored fabric reads your body temperature and that of the surrounding environment to determine how much the pillow needs to cool/warm you to get you in the right range for your biology to signal you to sleep.
  • Usually more stifled in our armpit and groin region, we naturally like to “hug” pillows to dissipate some of that heat.  Roller is designed to read body temperature in these regions just by a 10 second hold -- like a pillow thermometer.
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