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How might we turn the tooth brushing/cleaning experience into a whole mouth health exercise for jaw strengthening?

Naturally pearly whites starts with daily gum care.

Jaw Gym

"Your whole jaw needs a workout for healthy teeth."

Brush and workout your whole jaw (teeth/gums/jawbone) with an all-tooth pulsating brush in only 20 seconds for total oral care.


  • Our teeth get weak for two reasons: poor diet and exercise, the same as the rest of our body. The alveolar process (portion of jawbone supporting our teeth) lacking density is often the reason our teeth get weak (tooth mobility, crackability and loss). Strengthening this happens when we chew, and is why the elderly tend to lose teeth from lack of use and poor nutritional absorption. This is also happening to adults and children who are increasingly eating comfort (read: soft) foods, lessening the time for teeth/jaw to “exercise” and increase bone density.
  • This mouth bite shaped toothbrush is made from anti-bacterial silicon bristles that vibrate after you bite down on the guard; forcing you to exercise your mouth by systematically chomping while you brush.  10-20 mindful bites are enough to thoroughly clean your teeth and give your jaw the exercise it needs to support healthy bones.
  • Supported by hygienists as the best way to access all teeth quickly while strengthening jaw bone process.
  • Perodontist-approved safe.
  • Silicon-bristles are hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial; offering a better alternative to plastic bristle toothbrushes.
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