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How might we enhance our sexual experiences by looking beyond "performance" and "pleasure"?

Over stimulation might be numbing our ability to heighten our senses for more subtle sexual responses.

Upper Left

"Take control of how you lose control."

A small, jewel-like sex primer for women to use 15 minutes before the act to get in the mood for love-making. Sexual dysfunction, busy-lives and high-stress bodies make it harder and harder for foreplay alone (if you're lucky to get it) to work. Invasive sex toys also play a role in possibly de-sensitizing the genital area and can create a distancing between couples if they feel pressured to use them to spice things up.


  • Create real connection by "priming the body" with a small bead placed into the upper left fold of a woman's clitoral hood, where there is a bundle of nerves responsible for the sexual impulses sent to her nervous system and the brain to get in the mood.
  • Use 15 minutes before the act, while aimlessly doing other tasks (cooking dinner, watching television, finishing emails); and wait for the magic to happen.  Remove before sex.  Not to be used as a sex toy but a female sex primer.
  • For increased effect, use with deep breathing and visualization techniques to mindfully focus on the body and it's readiness to feel and be sexy.
  • A tool that allows for sexual meditation; putting focused concentration on parts of the body a woman has neglected and "triggering" or "priming" a zone that is physiologically proven to entice the nervous system connected to sexual impulse.
  • Discreet, easy, non-invasive, and tucks easily into most vulva shapes.  Pulsing activity is not as disturbing as a vibration; and is used to soothe the body as opposed to "stimulate" it.
  • Safe silicon and stainless steel parts, non-BPA plastics and non-irritable coatings.  
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