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How might we innovate the outdated toilet for a healthier pooping future?

Our bodies were designed to squat for proper defecation. A plastic stool isn't doing the job.

Waterfall Squat

"Doo it the way Nature intended, with style."

Beautifully designed squat toilet for the home that reuses water from a hand washing contraption and supports a squat posture for those needing better balance.


  • Triple-function squat toilet -- equipped with basin and dryer --  that easily installs where a traditional toilet would go. 
  • Optional water tank that can reuse water from washing hands to recycle water. 
  • Shape rests lower but supports full squat or semi-squat positions as you train yourself into the proper defecation position over time to support healthy hip, knee and ankle mobility.
  • Optional WaterfallHealth+ smart sensors to upgrade toilet into a diagnostic of bodily fluids that update daily into a personalized app for each time you go. 
  • Squat toilets no longer have to be the ugly uncivilized version, they can join throne status and be fixtures of pooping intelligence all across the world and look lovely in your home.


  • Designed with exercise physiologists who adapted feet angles to support varying degrees of squat capability across populations.
  • Designed to be installed with the same floor connecting shape as conventional seated toilets for convenience and minimal plumbing.
  • Light-weight rammed earth ceramic (more sustainable porcelain) for easy cleaning and installation.
  • Built-in Dyson hand dryer underneath the sink to minimize waste from paper or laundry. 
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