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How might we make accessible and pleasurable the intake of adaptogenic alternatives for daily energy as opposed to the jolts we crave from coffee?

For long-term energy boosts that are not harmful, trade out your caffeine addiction with regulating adaptogens.


"Nature's most potent herbal blends to boost immunity and vitality."

Small Nespresso(TM)-machine compatible capsules of TCM-based superfoods and functional herbs to support one's health as a dietary adjunct or for nutritional fortification.


  • Nourishing benefits to build/strengthen immunity or activate specific bodily systems via TCM/Naturopathic model of preventative health.

  • Working on different levels: Nutritive (fortification), Sedating (calming), Cleansing (detoxing) to help normalize over or under activity of qi in the body.

  • Cross-blend of functional foods/herbs with specific adaptogens (roots, bark, leaves, berries, mushrooms with highly potent effects on the body) to increase the mind-body adaptability to overthrow daily stress on one's system.

  • Cumulative effect of adaptogens create a long-term effect or "build up" of a strengthened body; creating a system that is able to better self-regulate.

  • Super tonics formulated by a knowledgeable team of TCM doctors and validated by a team of active wellness practitioners (TCM doctors, Naturopaths, Fitness Trainers, Nutritionists and Osteopaths) who designed it for themselves.

  • Herbs derived from highest credible sources across China and vetted by groups who use them internationally.

  • Extracted and processed using the highest grade of FITT (Fingerprint Identical Transfer Technology) to create same ratios/constituents as original raw plant with higher levels of potency upon delivery.


LIVING DRAGON - energy boosting (Qi-enhancing, blood tonifying, Yang supporting, Musculature-building, immunity- enhancing mixture with ingredients like Astraglus root, Ginseng, Cordyceps).

SLEEPY LAMB - nerve-calming (stress management, sleeplessness/ insomnia symptoms, over-active nerves, adrenal fatigue supporting with ingredients like Zhusha, Cinnabar, Suanzao Ren, Ling Zhi, Gynostemma Leaves and Rhiodiola Root).

SEXY MONKEY - improving sexual impotency, kidney qi balancing, hormone-regulating, immunity-enhancing and slow aging properties with ingredients like Chinese cinnamon, cistanche stem, astragalus root, ginseng, codonopsis root, fo-ti root, licorice root).

BEAUTIFUL TIGRESS - female-supporting herbs for mentrual malfunction, hormonal regulation, uplifting mood, bloating, harmonizing and detoxifying, heart-calming with ingredients like Schizandra berries, Asparagus root, Dong Guan root, Jujube, Goji berries, Codonopsis root and Ginger).

POWER PANDA - gut-supporting formula for upset stomachs, joint inflammation, foggy brain and mental decline, soreness, arthritic and joint pain and malaise with ingredients like Fu zi, Morinda root, Cordyceps, Jujube, Ginger, Ling zhi, and Huang Pian).

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