• I help founders find

    focus, flow and momentum

    on their next business idea.

  • Design YOU Sprint

    Go from zero to one with intention:


    • Understand why you keep getting stuck.

    • Organize and clarify your superpower.

    • Design with your values and skills at the core.

    • Streamline your thinking to simplify your options.

    • Save time, effort and energy with strong momentum.

    • Get concrete measurable outcomes rapidly.

    • Validate your concept to reduce risk and fail forward.

    • Avoid unnecessary features/additions/options.


    Each week we focus on one facet of your challenge – starting with YOU and how you operate – to setting up a plan of action for your next 100-days.

    FOCUS on


    and your operating system.

    EMPATHIZE with


    you are serving.

    REFLECT on


    and your vision.

    MAP out


    with constraints & opportunities.

    DESIGN the


    with a clear, compelling offer.

    EXECUTE the


    to test and validate.

  • Find Momentum and Flow

    Stop putting off your dreams or you'll be spending all your energy on someone else's.

    Redesign Your Day

    Better manage your time, space and energy with a process that cuts out the excess.

    Simplify and Refocus

    Deconstructing your thoughts, patterns and priorities to focus on what's essential.

    Confidence Through Competence

    Normalizing failure as part of the process so you learn and move on.

    Identify Your Anchor

    Understanding your operating system to connect to a sense of purpose and mastery.

    Remove barriers

    Revealing your biases or assumptions about what it takes to get going.

    Discover Your Drivers

    Learn to discern between passion and progress to reignite your energy.

    Unlock Stuck Points

    Understand your personal operating system and how to overcome imposter syndrome.

  • How It's Different

    The benefits of doing a hybrid coaching-design sprint.


    You will receive a bespoke selection of exercises relevant to your personal challenge.

    All with the intention of developing more clarity on your design, energy to sustain the process, and tactics to move you swiftly forward with confidence.


    Link your superpower with a valuable proposition.

    We go beyond building mission-oriented, values-driven propositions and uncover your anchor reason for what is driving you right now in life. This is about the intersectionality of your curiosities and passions mixed with your traits and skills: to build a venture around you.

    So that it's actually the thing that gets you up in the a.m.


    Tools to tap into your creative potential.

    Ideas don't live in our minds – they move when you do. We explore how the way you move and carry yourself influences how you perceive and show up in the world to drive your ideas forward (or not). Integrating a few simple practices to align your energies to help you tap that flow state for creative, productive potential.


    Necessary pressure and stakes to catalyze you.

    Beyond having an accountability partner, we build-in structures and contracts to ensure you've actually got skin-in-the-game. This is no Sunday brunch chat...we're actually going to engineer the momentum to get your idea off the ground with real world stakes. The process includes some fun (yet stretch-worthy!) tactics to get you moving forward.

  • Slow Down to Sprint forward.

    I know the pains of getting stuck in 'ideas-or-strategy-land' for too long and letting too much time pass you by before actualizing what you want to create. Luckily, finding focus, flow and momentum can all be engineered – with a little support. That's where I come in. I want to be your "second nut"; that champion that works (note: not 'advises') with you to get your plans in motion.


    Fifteen years working as an innovation strategist, I've noticed the tools that nurture and stifle the creative process. 


    Ten years as an entrepreneur, I've experienced the complexities of navigating situations out of our control with a need to simplify and adapt. 


    Twenty years as a practitioner of mind-body arts and somatic coaching over recent years has opened me up to the intrinsic forces that cause us to be the biggest obstacle in our journey towards building ventures and lives we desire: psychosomatic stuck points that we can't just 'out think'. We have to move through them. That's why along with the sprint, I prescribe mind-body exercises to rewire your old patterns to access new ways of being.


    The trifecta of these competencies have informed a simple coaching-design-sprint process where we zoom in and out of who you are, what you want to do, why it's worth it, and how to get there.

    Why a Sprint with me?

    I've been doing versions of the design thinking process for over 15 years for multinational corporations and startups alike.


    A sprint is great for deconstructing complex or emotional problems to offer objectivity and different perspectives for insight. We use various exercises from this methodology to craft a concept or plan for your next (ad)venture.


    These core principles used to solve business and societal problems can also be applied to creating the life you love...and deserve...if you're ready to take the dive.

    Some times to get ahead...

    we have to slow down.

  • "Amena has a rare gift, one that has challenged me more times than I can count when I thought I knew what was best for my business - she sees the future. She’s able to find patterns and connect dots that can seem at first to be a stretch, only to prove prescient after a short time. And I’m grateful for it. She was able to identify where the model of peak performance I’d been developing for over a decade belonged - it’s positioning, format, and market. It was a terrifying insight, and one I was resistant to at first. But between her insistence on tribe (community based) coaching and key insights for content creation to reach them in new ways, my business wouldn’t be where it is today."

    ~ Tom F., Founder of Weightlessness

    “It was truly a transformative experience for me and I've learned so much along the journey. The topics, process and homework are provocative and innovative, and although we covered both personal development and design, the integration between the two elements was done very well. Thanks again for all your dedication and support!”

    ~ An W., Strategy Director at SideChef

    "An ancient proverb says...'through wise counsel plan your strategy'. As a visionary and cultural entrepreneur Amena has helped me synthesize core ideas and given peripheral perspective to focused objectives . She provides both in-depth and streamlined consultancy when launching new projects and blazing trails. She possesses the rare gift of insight and the highly attuned skillset of foresight . Amena is the epitome of iron sharpens iron. As a visionary leader, she is my go to “vision therapist “.

    ~ Redic, Multidisciplinary Artist & Cultural Entrepreneur

    "When I decided enough was enough and I wanted to take REAL action to build my business, I managed to get into an MBA course – part time and over 2 years at a cost of over $20000 to prepare me. But in just 12 weeks of intense design sprints allowed me to be "prepared" with a clear vision and with a significant reduction in outlay.

    Most valuable for myself was overcoming inner doubts, fending off fear and giving myself permission to “live” rather than waiting to die. Strong stiff I know but it is heartfelt. In addition, I was not made to feel minimised when receiving direct and blunt feedback to ensure I stay on task. With my years of experience, I know I may have the fantasy of “knowing it all” so it was great to still learn things and be humble. On the flip side, it was also great to re-learn and recognise my strengths and build on them.Most of all: the ability to recognise that YES - I CAN DO IT!"

    ~ Indy B., Founder of Guilt Club

  • How We Move You Forward

    Dabble with a Stride, Commit with a Sprint, and Continue with a Marathon

  • “(Perhaps) this is something of a coincidence, but I believe it’s more about the energy you have helped nurture and develop these last few days for me and the marketing staff. I can feel the power of positive thinking and actionable steps. Take a look at this data and it’s surprising, amazing. I am not surprised but more in awe of the impact that you have done and inspired. Thank you.”

    ~ Steve L., Mindful Foods & Living Entrepreneur

    "I've worked with Amena a couple of times dealing with finding creative ways to implement new business concepts and her skills and talents are superb. She has an amazing way of transferring everything in your head down on paper and is able to organize all of that information into a solid set plan of action."

    ~ Sam B., Visionary & Leader at The Bija

    "Amena is one of the most humbly inspiring people I've worked with. When working with people from any culture and background, she's a master at communicating. This, mixed with her naturally positive energy means that when working on a project challenge, Amena guides people towards clarity, producing impactful results."

    ~ Gina H., Spiritual Coach & Reiki Teacher

    “Amena has tremendous passion, drive and an infectious energy, which makes her stand out amongst the people that I’ve worked with. She listens to you with patience, truly understands you and articulates a vision for you that totally makes sense. The bottom line is she gets it, which few do. She’s the one person who has stood by me, always encouraging me along the way, providing support and creative ideas to keep the dream alive as I move my hospitality project from concept to implementation.”

    ~ Satyajit C., Founder of Ambokka Hospitality

  • Design YOU retreat

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  • FAQs

    Things you may be thinking:

    Can't I download a sprint template and do this myself?

    Sure thing! And I'll be the first to email it to you. But it might take you longer and many trials. We all think we know how to exercise until we get a world class trainer. I help structure the process so you can trust it and focus on the work.

    I don't think I can afford this right now, do you have an automated version?

    The value of this lies in my ability to catch things you can't see, as well as save you time and resources in the short term; some times years of mulling over too many options and personal hangups. In the game of earning on your future business, you lose money and time if you don't get clarity and support early.

    Coaching hasn't worked for me before, how is this different?

    This is not classic coaching. I facilitate a working process called a “Sprint” which is a design thinking process to deconstruct your thinking (and actions) while rewiring your body and mind for flow and concept creation along the way. So we get out of "spinning stories" and getting stuck in narrative.​

    What do I actually get by the end?

    We will be working remotely through calls and a Miro board – where we'll capture all the work of the sprint as your plan (and possible pitch document). You'll have a personalized stuck point prescription to help you through the hard times, dozens of creative tools to reuse along your journey and mind-body exercises to help you find flow and centeredness throughout your process and beyond.
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