Being a more conscious designer, creator, leader, human is all about getting intimate with your sensing abilities. These are normally placed on the marketplace or your end user. Build a practice of tuning into the body to understand new relationships, perspectives and insights on how to design from the inside-out for more "sensible" design.

    Anchored tailbone.

    Practice the art of settling in a dynamic, chaotic world.

    Sensing in layers.

    Get beyond the surface or dimensions you know by sensing new layers.

    Aligning your knee eyes.

    Practice aligning your foundation to more forward with ease.

    Bouncing to settle.

    Practice releasing any tension in the way you relate to the parts in order to feel at ease.

    Have your own back.

    Practice self-reliance by consciously having your own back.

    Good tongue posture.

    Practice resting this over-active region without collapsing.

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