Sensing our inner landscapes for insights.

      Enjoy these 1-minute audio clips to better sense and understand our bodies for design inspiration and inside-out innovation.

      Designed to dissipate heat.

      How might we continue to protect our skin from the sun without compromising it’s ability to dissipate heat?

      Designed to have arches.

      How might we manage our health from the ground up through better footwear design?

      Designed to eliminate.

      How might we harness the detox process without adding?

      Designed to gaze at the horizon.

      How might we design ways to better exercise our eyes so that we can experience more depth?

      Designed to stick out your tongue daily.

      How might we design around the tongue as a daily diagnostic system?

      Designed to get a little funky down there.

      How might we design for the best private care down there?

      Designed to exhaust on coffee.

      How might we design for stimulation knowing our stress responses without the crash?

      Designed to sense internal distances.

      How might we design for proprioceptive intelligence by relying on inside-out sensitivity?

      Designed to walk before we run.

      How might we design for better (more fashionable even) barefoot walking before we run?

      Designed to move that belly.

      How might we find ways to support abdominal organ function in daily life?

      Designed to rely on momentum.

      How might you look at this metaphor for walking, as a way to move forward in the world?

      Designed to "grock" gravity.

      How might we design a way to sense our relationship with gravity and levity so that we understand more is not better, less is better?

      Designed to be curvy.

      How might we design an intuitive way to support our natural curvatures?

      Designed to chomp.

      How might we design a way to reshape our facial and oral health with things we chomp?

      Designed to remineralize.

      • How might we begin to treat the system as opposed to solution patching with supplements?

      Designed with internal clocks.

      How might we use our chronobiology to design our daily rhythm?

      Designed to absorb selectively.

      How might we design for therapeutic skin absorption?

      Designed to squat poop.

      How might we design ways for our excrement to leave our systems in completion AND enter the world in closed cycle waste management?

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